Girlfriend didn't text me back saying I love you too. Is this bad?

We've been together for 6 months now. And we're in a complicated situation. First of all, my girlfriend has been having an extremely rough last semester at college. Exams and papers almost every week (I went to same university so I know that classes have at least 2-3 midterms a semester), plus work, internship and job search. It's crazy and I know it. She has work/class early morning (sleeps early), classes till mid-afternoon, and uses her remaining time to study.
Because of this we haven't had the chance to hang out for almost a month. We still text though (more like I'll send her messages and she responds). But that's been decreasing too.
Today I sent her a text wishing her a good day and that I loved her. The response I got was "you too!". I'm not sure what to think of this relationship anymore. Am I overthinking?

If I am overthinking, what's a good way to handle this relationship? I don't know what to do anymore...
she still hugs me. but we haven't kissed/had sex or anything more intimate when we see each other for a little bit. i know she's legitimately busy since she's even deactivated her Facebook to keep away from distractions...


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  • I think you are over thinking. But if it's bugging you that much, you should talk to her about it.

    • I would hope that she's just busy. She said she can't promise me that we'd hang out more during the semester so I got super worried. I've been missing her real badly so I may also have gotten impatient. I don't know

    • okay well i agree with her but to be your girlfriend is doing it for her future you know and maybe your gonna be her future if you just support her and tell her keep up the good work and tell her you love her and miss her but dont over do it of course but be strong for your self too because all you can do right now is be there for her and support her no matter what. but do you of course hangout with your guy friends but no messing around lol but still just support her and just look positive about it you will never know what will happen so just do you man okay :)

    • Ok i'll continue to stay strong and will support her. thanks @destinyislife

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  • Don't appear as needy, that a turn off. Give her that space she need.

    In the mean time, look for something to do and occupy your time with it. Make yourself busy so you don't have time to think about her.

    If she don't miss you, don't miss her. You probably give her enough attention so she can't missed you. Be a challenge.

    Practice the 3 C's : Confident, Control, and Challenge.

    • ok thanks i'll enjoy my own time then. how much contact should i give her? some say no contact, but i know that she's the type who'll disappear when she gets drowned with work... what would you suggest?

    • Little contact. Enough to let her know you're there.

    • yeah i've been doing that though...