Girl I like might have a boyfriend, but when we hung out, she was talking about an ex?

So my college campus has a love confessions page, and I liked this one girl's (we'll call her M) love confession asking for a cuddle buddy. Well M and I got together last week on Monday, and we had a great time, we ate soup, played with her pet goat, cuddle and watched a movie. While there she mentioned how her ex left some dishes and other items behind. Well yesterday, I was on this app called Fade. and a user asked what people though of her boyfriend commenting that his best female friend would look good without a towel on. Well M commented saying "My boyfriend has chick friends that he's known a lot longer than me, as long and he doesn't hide it i'm ok with it."

The thing that I'm confused about is that she was talking about her ex last week Monday, and now she's talking about a boyfriend which she's never mentioned before. She could be into polygamy, but I'm not. and I was under the impression that she was single, because that's what it seems like to me. Also we did hug at the end of us hanging out.

What do you think I should do? because I want to find out if she is single, because she is cute, but I feel like if I ask her, and she is in fact single, that maybe I will seem like offended her. gosh , I don't know. Please help, thanks!


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  • Just throw it in there...
    "So, how's your boyfriend?"


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