Boyfriend wants to come over?

My bf and I went out for dinner and I was feeling kinda iffy so he took me home. An hour later I started throwing up about once every 30 minutes and I have a fever. I live by myself and he wants to stay the night with me because he's worried.
Should I let him come over? He's never seen me sick before- I've never even gotten drunk and thrown up in front of him before and I'm worried that seeing me in this state is going to be gross for him.

Guys what are your thoughts?


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  • he obviously cares and wants to take care of you! of course you should let him come over! that's so sweet of him, you have a great boyfriend. he isn't asking because he's expecting you to be super sexy right now haha

  • I feel like I read this question a couple months ago already...

    • This is my first question here! I guess I should have searched to see if a similar one had been asked. I'm sorry- new to the site. :)

    • i feel like a lot of questions get repeated haha

    • @xobrowneyedbeauty they do but this one is weirdly situation specific to the other one I remember lol.

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