Would you date a shorter guy if he was still significantly stronger than you?

Girls say they like tall guys because they feel protected. So if a guy was a few inches shorter than you (say, 3") but could still lift you up, protect you, and whatever else. Would you date him? I know personally matters more, but a lot of girls say it's a dealbreaker if he's shorter, so I guess I'm asking a follow up question.

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  • I say it depends on his height and mine as well. I'm 5'6 and I've found short guys attractive as I would towards guys who are 6'1. I guess the shortest I'd be willing to "date" would be 5'4 or so. Can you answer my question? (: It would really help!

  • I'm 6ft so there are many guys shorter than me and I have dated guys shorter than me. I have known guys shorter than me that I was completely attracted to (like totally fantasizing about them most of the day attracted). It is kinda cool if he can pick me up but it's not something I would base my decision of whether I liked him or not. I find attraction is a feeling you can't really control - you either feel it or you dont - and I have found attraction for me isn't based on height.


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