Girls do you realize that you're lier when you say personality first or you even dont realize?

So girls do you realize that you lie when you say personality first? Or you even dont realize and I discover a new damn thing? Lets see how many of you will agree to date sumo fighter with GREAT personality or zack evron but BAD personality? Also how many of you would marry the sumo fighter? And how many of you would marry zack the bad evron efforn whatever

Honestly I think you make some guys have false hopes and its better to you to tell them the truth that appearance first and first and FIRST also I saw one guy had hair style from 1930 and he looked like gangster from 1930 but you didn't tell him change your style or your hair or spend some time on your appearance you all keep tell him personality personality personality

So personality ha do you know how much women spend every year on make up and plastic surgery? Google it you will find out

Honestly it's better when guys asks how to attract women and how to have gf tell him the truth that his appeared first also in case he has hair style from 1930 tell him to change it not tell give him false hope by saying personality :)

Back to the main question THE NICE SUMO FIGHTER VS ZACK EFFRON

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  • Okay. Wow. You seem to have misregarded the fact that guys also think looks first then personality second.

    While it's probably the consensus that it's looks first, not all girls are like that.

    I have to agree that us humans (girls and boys!) are drawn to someone with a prettier face then someone with a plain face. While it does suck thats how it is. You got to be honest to yourself to.

    Who would you pick? A really pretty girl with a great personality, or an average girl who offered the same great personality?

    You would mostly pick the pretty girl, let's me honest. Or you may say the average girl just to spite the status quo.

    now, okay forcing more on this looks vs personality. Nowadays I feel most girls are just looking for a guy who looks like he actually takes care of himself and his appearance, thats not neccessarily the "pretty guy".

    It's appearance first but a girl will not hesitant to dump a guy who had a terrible personality.

    The reason people stay in a relationship is because their personalities are compatible. PERSONALITIES!! Nothing to do with looks here.

    While it is looks that draw in people it isn't looks that make people stay.

    Once you find the right girl she won't care how you look, as long as you have a great and compatible personality she will be hooked.

    Sorry if this sounded like mean or targeted. (Not my intention!!)

    Wish you all the best (:

    • So it's better when guys ask how to get gf you all tell him work on your appereance first yet I saw a guy with 1930 hair style but women keep telling him personality WTF

    • Don't be sorry

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  • Personality and physical attraction are equally important to me. Without physical attraction, there can be no physical intimacy. Without personal/emotional attraction, there can be no emotional intimacy. Physical and emotional intimacy are both equally important in a relationship. If there's only physical attraction, you're basically just fuckbuddies. If there's only emotional attraction, you're merely friends.

    • I guess you will choose zack in the end or choose to be single than be with the sumo guy

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    • Not shallow honesty it's great and no pro to look for fit healthy guys but the other women keep tell us forget about looks we want personally only that what bother me

    • If there's physical attraction with emotional attraction then they're fuck buddies who happen to be friends!

  • I don't say that shit. I need looks AND personality. NOT OR.. AND.

    If he's hot but a jerk, I won't date him.
    If he's nice but I'm not attracted to him physically, I won't date him. I'm sorry.

    Does this make me shallow? Perhaps. But everyone is shallow. It would take someone to be either really fucking noble or blind to not care at all about looks.
    I'm not saying he has to be the sexiest man alive, but I need to be at least a little physically attracted to him otherwise I won't wanna kiss him or touch him. Or have him touch me. So if I'm not at all attracted to him, we could date but t will be middle school dance rules where we stand at least 3 feet from each other at all times and no touching.
    Out of your choices, neither. Zack Effron is ugly to me. And I'm not attracted to obesity.

    Now let me ask you. If Honey Boo Boo's mom had the best personality, and Scarlett Johansenn (however the fuck her name is spelled) had the shittiest personality, who would you date?
    Men want good looking partners too. But only women get shit for it.

    • I prefer to be single than have one of those

      My point its appearance matter much as personality

    • So would I. I'd rather be single than those choices you gave.

      Appearance matters in the beginning. But in the long run, looks fade. So that's when that awesome personality kicks in lol

      Both somewhat important.

  • I don't know. What I do know is appearance is the first thing you see. So if you aren't physically attracted to someone, I couldn't see how you would try to approach someone you didn't find sexually attractive.
    So I guess you wouldn't know if you like their personality unless it was over the internet or a blind date, or something of that nature...,

    • But sumo guys weigh around 350lb with big ass and not handsome I'm not againest them I just describe them

      In other hand there's zack the bad effron with his great six pack and his great smile

      Are you telling me you will go with the sumo?

      But facts talk we all know fat guys dont have gf and even if they have they will not last for long So its better when guys ask girls girls should tell him the truth like if his fat tell him go in diet thats it not giving him false hopes by telling him personality

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    • That mean appearance win or you wouldn't choose to be single just bcoz he's not fit :) so next time if fat guy ask to have gf tell him I prefer to be single if I'm not attracted to him so go on diet

    • That's not anything I would ever say nor would I feel compelled to change anyone.

  • Well there's the unspoken continuation to that sentence:
    Personality first... in the priority list.
    Looks first... in the filtering process.

    Yeah, people should just word it better. Personality's ultimately the most important - it's what makes or breaks it for most people. And I say "ultimately", because it really is in the end.

  • It based on the person and their preferences. You do know that every girl is different. For one I don't know what the deal about Zac Efron is, I couldn't care less about him. As for the sumo fighter, I wouldn't and not because maybe he is big or whatever. But I don't want a guy who does wrestling or fighting or stuff like that for a living. Why do that as a job or whatever. I'd worry one day that he may hurt himself or something so I'd rather not, to save myself the pain. You picked a wrong example. I've always been personality person. I've seen what happened to my parents marriage and its taught me that looks make no difference at all, I've had the experience so I can speak without getting criticised

    • I'm following you, you're super sweet

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    • Yeah and I dont see any pro with that but when guy ask how to get gf women keep telling him work in your personality all of them if you see one if these posts all of the girls tell the guy work on your personality while if they told him fix your look he would get better chances... How many time should I say this is my point only

    • Well I've seen plenty of posts by girls saying appearance is what we focus on first just as I've seen plenty of posts by men who state that personality is all that matters

  • I will admit, I DO need to be attracted to someone in order to like them? Do they need to look like Zac Efron or whoever you mentioned to be attractive? Not at all. There have been guys who my friends told me I was too pretty for that I have been attracted to. Even if I was, I wouldn't care what my friends think if I like him I won't let their opinions stop me because obviously I like him for a reason. I am not lying when I say personality DOES matter though. I liked this guy for a while who seemed completely different at first then who he turned out to be. Even my friend noticed this as well. He would try to hard to by like the other guys in the group who have a "player" type personality. I like when guys have their own personalities and don't try to be like anyone else. Hope this helped.

    • But lets say you're searching for guys would you search for guy who look like sumo fighter?

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    • It mean women priority it's how the guy look first

      Why does that matter a lot of guys asks help from girls here how to get gf they keep telling work on your personality but the facts it's his appearance first and it would be great if they tell him fix your look but they dont say it.

      It's matter to make the guys realize they should work on their look first

    • A woman's main priority is how a guy looks. Isn't that how it is with guys? However, a bad personality CAN ruin good looks. I agree that girls do overemphasis the importance of personality over looks when really looks are more important to girls than they are willing to admit. They don't know what the guy looks like so they don't know if there is anything there to fix. Instead of them saying "change your personality" they should say something more like "work on being more approachable/confident". In terms of looks it would be best to keep clean/have good hygiene. Also exercise never hurts, not saying you need to have big muscles but it shows you are taking care of yourself which is important.

  • Tough choice
    can the sumo fighter cook? Is he funny? Does he like some of the shows and movies I like? Can he keep a good conversation flowing? Is he good in bed?
    To be honest I think everyone does have some good qualities and then some iffy qualities we must look at the picture as a whole you can't write off a guy because of his weight and looks, you must get to know them first. I dated a super fit guy with a great personality and a guy that wasn't so fit he was about 295 and he had a great personality too. So i don't judge based on looks. So please don't "all girls" me I'm an individual

    • You're 1 in 10000 but sorry the reality it's not like what saying most women like the handsome I saw a guy ask about how to gf and his look obviously bad women dont comment on his look and keep telling him personality first while the fact it's how do you loom first I will say 95% of girls are after looks

    • Sad but true

  • Both are equally important, but I would rather date the nice sumo wrestler over a hottie with a bland or sour personality. Call me a liar, but it's true. Maybe we won't get intimate but I'll at least have fun being around him. On the other hand, a hottie with a bad personality will be good for sex but everything else will fail. I want to feel comfortable around my partner, not annoyed.

  • How about neither. I wouldn't choose Zac Efron because yeah sure he's hot... but he has a drug problem which is a turn off. No matter how hot you are thats still a no go. And the sumo wrestler? I'm not attracted to guys that big anyway. I'm 5 feet 115 pounds any guy the size of a sumo wrestler is not my prefrence. I'm not attracted to it.

    • Okay but again appereance win

  • Sumo fighter. I like bigger guys

    • Sumo guys weigh around 350lb

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    • I wouldn't star this question if I didn't saw the amount of the guys asking how to get gf while they're obviously look bad and they would look better if the girls tell him fix your look first but they dont say it thats why I'm wondering are they liers or they just dont realize they're liers? Why they won't tell a guy fix how do you look? I dont know they should answer I mean the 95% of them

      I never saw a girl here told the guy fix your look when the guy ask how to get gf while if he fix he's look he's chances would rise by 60% the personality will come. But if he just focus on his personality nothing would change why? Coz when you buy an egg you dont see whats in it you judge it from outside. So charming guy wearing Tarzan clothes and walking without shoes and have a lot of hair what the girls will think about him if they saw him? they will run from him:) but wait he's charming :) doesn't work

    • Another example a douche look exactly like G cloony but his douche :) he will got more girls than Tarascan the charming :) I'm not saying people should totally focus on appereance or personality Im suggesting they care to their look as they care about personality

      Also I wish women become honest about that

  • Wtf I don't wanna date an asshole

  • Are you hurt? Were you rejected? Why such behaviour then?

    • Hurt from what? I'm 6.3 above average thanks god and also I dont have personality but in not perfect :) no ones perfect I can get new girl every day

      Were you rejected YES but that was normal and from long time ago this not our case

      I'm just telling the truth that women care about how the guy look thats true. Why women keep telling fat guys work on your personality while its better they say work on your diet? Why coz they're too good to say it? Or they fool themselfs when they act like angels like they dont care about looks they only want personality

      I think 95% of girl look for how the guy look not personality :)

    • I dont have bad personality

  • In my opinion, society constantly says personality, but the first thing that catches someone's attention to be attracted to that individual are their looks. Perhaps, when you begin to interact with that person and you do not like their personality you'll back down. I honestly would choose Zack Efron because of his looks, the first thing that would come to my mind when I see him is him being handsome, at that moment I wouldn't even worry about his personality. But since I am interested and I like what I see, then I would get to know him. Then when I figure out he has a bad attitude, suddenly he would become a turn off and me being attracted to him will decrease. On the other hand, the sumo wrestler , I wouldn't think beyond his friendlyness, I would just see him as a good friend.

    • And you will prefer to be single than have sumo bf :) appearance win again

    • No I am just saying my honest opinion, not that it would be my actual decision in reality.

    • So tell us your actual desision in reality

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  • Personality comes first, or at least should do, but f you're not attracted to them then it most likely won't work ( this applies to all genders )
    I think people worry about seeming vain

    • Not true i gurantee that to you that appereance come first

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    • Ok that's you you're good person thats nice.

      But dont you agree when a fat guy with bad look ask how to get gf its better the girls tell him the truth that he should change his look?

    • It would be better to, yes. Although I don't think many people would want to say that they think someone should change their look.
      Sorry for going so off topic by the way.

  • yeah, looks matter, for the most part. as im sure most girls already realize this so that doesn't make them "liers"

    • What about when the guy have horrible look but they still say work on your appearance? Are they the 5% who comment or they're liers bcoz I found in the real life women priority it's how the guy look

  • Physical attraction is what gets your personality's foot in the door.

    • Yeah but they keep tell the guys your personality first while its BIG lie they dont tell guys go on diet join gym wear that wear this no they directly tell the personality ! Yeah personality LOL I blame them for this part they dont tell the truth

  • Forever alone post#4567864

  • It's just funny to me that it's like you already realize that "personality first" isn't the case... but you're still getting upset because you're expecting it to be the case. How exactly does that work? Walk me through it so I can understand your thought process.

    And on top of all this, you're treating the internet and what people say on it like the gospel. Big surprise for you but what people say online vs. what they do in person often don't match up. Looks matter first because that's just common sense, people don't rate the opposite sex with arbitrary numbers, guys don't prefer ass over boobs (or vice versa) because they find someone attractive if they're attractive and not if they don't, and people don't argue in person like they do online.

    So quit using the internet as your guideline for human behavior. It's only going to leave you frustrated like you already are and disappointed when online and reality don't match up ;)

    • I realize this from long time but its just title

      You're right online and reality dont match very well in the real life

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    • Yes, I read it. Did YOU read what III wrote? Common sense says that if you have the awareness of what you should be doing (that is, making a good first impression with how you present yourself AS WELL AS not being a shithead and being a decent person), then why aren't you doing it?

      That's why I said "bad words" like bitching lol. There has to be something more to all this, unless you just felt like BITCHING this evening?

    • I will close the thread I think it's better

      And no need to say bitching I will say bad words also:) I'm not in mood to argue with you however you have nice point and I decide to close this shit

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