Girls, I need some advice?

I asked my crush if she wants to grab some coffee with me some time because I think she seems interested in me. I told her that it's just a casual hang out so that we could get to know each other better. Anyway, she asked me if I'm bringing anyone else with me I said no and she said she wants to bring some friends with her. She told me that I can bring mine with me as well.

Is she not interested to hang out with me alone? I don't really feel like going out with her anymore because I wanted to hang out with her alone now her friends are coming it kinda ruin it.

Would she think I'm a jerk if I change my mind now?


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  • No, dude. Call her on it. Bring your friends (one of your mates can be a wing man), she'll bring hers, maybe some of hers are single and she's trying to set them up as well. Ladies usually like the kind of thing where there's multiple characters to break the ice.


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  • you need to tell her that you want to go with her alone... maybe she is testing to see if it is a date or mate thing... I would tell her 'I really want to get to know you, not your friends...'

  • Coffee? srsly? coffee. alright. i thought only adults over the age of 40 take eachother out for a romantic cup o' coffee. take her to a coffee shop, then you're talking.
    maybe you shouldn't have told her that's its just a casual date?
    if anyone ruined it, it's you dude.

    • Well, we're going to watch a movie as well.

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    • I mean cafe haha.

    • watching a movie on your first date is dumb too dude. you want to get to know her btter rite? how do you want to do that, since most people don't talk durin a movie..

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  • You said yourself that it is casual.

    You can still try to get to know her, share interests, find things you have in common, reveal your sense of humor, etc. even if her friends are present.

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