Annoying guy won't leave me alone. Suggestions?

[my thoughts]

Him: ok Yeah you really do look so amazing and so beautiful and even if I just met you when I saw you when I looked into your really beautiful amazing eyes I could see them sparkle
Me: Thanks.
Him: no problem and Yeah I would never lie to you ! I would do anything to keep that really beautiful amazing smile on your face
Me: Thanks.
Him: no problem and huh! lol am I keeping that really beautiful amazing smile on your face?
Me: Yeah, yeah, you're a real hero. [apparently the sarcasm wasn't laid on thick enough]
Him: Yeah I really wanna keep that really beautiful amazing smile on your face and if I'm doing that I'm doing my job [not worth a reply]

The next day:
Him: and I'm not trying to be weird or to get you to think I'm creepy but would you wanna go on a date with me so we can get to know each other?
Me: Thanks for asking, but I'm really not looking to date right now. I've been sick for 1.5 years, I've moved (literally) across the planet, and I'm behind in my classes bc of a concussion. I've got a lot on my plate right now. Sorry. [all unfortunately true]
Him: it's fine and what about when you get better?
Me: That's not going to be for a really long time. I think we should just stay friends.
Him: can you at least think about it?
Me: [can you at least get a f*cking clue?] You're not helping your case. Sorry, but for me it really doesn't go beyond friendship.
Him: :(
Him [later]: and with all do respect your just the only one I wanted to ask and I think that your really cool that you volunteer at the place where I use to do little volunteering and where I rode horses. and that we both really love horses. and I herd how you got a concussion because Jasmine told me and after I herd that I felt really bad for you and I still do. and I really want you to know I would never do anything in any way to hurt you. [Learn some basic spelling/grammar. Please.]

What can I say that isn't horrifically rude but that will get across to this moron?

What I ended up saying, for those interested:

You are not hurting me. You are disrespecting me by not listening and pissing me off. Please leave me alone. I have said NO to you THREE TIMES now. I've tried being nice, but you don't seem to get it. Please stop.


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  • How about..

    "Hey, weird thing. Ever since I have been talking to you my pain has been getting A LOT worse. Lets end it, Now."

    This guy is EXCESSIVE.. i mean.. can he not read between the lines? I apologize on his behalf. Sometimes its better to be up front and say "Im really not interested, sorry"

    • Have to make it as blunt as possible, " I am not interested " .. don't say anything where he can argue a point or gain hope

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    • Or why don't you tell Jasmine to let him know you are not interested and that you dont want to hurt his feelings. If I were the boy I would have realized you didn't like me when you started replying one word answers.. dead giveaway.

    • One would've thought so - but apparently not. Asking Jasmine is a good idea. Thanks :)

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  • He already got the message. HE's just saving face by pretending he didn't hear you.
    Stop trying to be clever, just say so long and walk away.

  • Just tell him this..."I know you are interested in me for some reason but please stop, I'm really not interested. Sorry." The best way to get a guy to stop is by being sincere and nice, almost like begging him. He'll stop because he'll feel embarrassed and really understand that you mean it.

  • His approach was all wrong I would have given you a compliment introduced myself and if there was no interest from there you gotta move on


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