We dated but did I read the signals wrong?

so I only went out with this girl on a date twice. 1st it was a public place. next it was to her house. the point is if you invite someone over to your house. that indicates them liking you. or did I read it all wrong. since I haven't had any communication in a month.


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  • Hm. Well that's not neccessarily the case. It's like saying if you invite a guy in your class to do maths homework at your house you like him.

    So I have a question. While you said that there's been no communication for a month, in that month have you at all tried to contact this girl or are you waiting for her to contact you? Because she's probably waiting for you. Miscommunication is the common reason why relationships don't work out.

    You obviously still like her, so out of the blue why don't you give her a call! What have you got to lose? Nothing, literally. Because you guys haven't even talked in a month so you'll actually be gaining. If she's totally rude to you then you know that she's not worth your time and that you can move on, but if she's lovely then you know that she missed talking to you too and that you guys can rekindle what you had a month ago.

    Don't give up on what you want. Take a chance. Take a risk. Who knows what might happen (:

    All the best! I really hope it works out for you (:

    • I message her most of the time. I thought it's her turn to message me for once. anyway Im over the whole thing. if your not interested in someone. you should of just said so. not invite them to your house. to make them think this is going well. ya know.

    • Oh!! Then she's not worth one second of your time then! You deserve better

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