I am not sure whether this woman is interested or not?

I went on a date with a woman, she is older than me. I picked her up at her place, my plan was just to go for a cup of coffee for an hour or so with no expectation.

The date lasted much longer than I expected to last. we had a lot of fun we spoke a lot and there was a bit of flirting and touching. we had coffee then ended up eating at the place we were having coffee at, after that we walked around the mall and i was running out of things to talk about, i looked at my watch and she said are we gana go, so i said yes and she suggested I come to her place just to sit and talk. I said okay and i dropped her off walked inside and we sat on the couch just talking. and she started opening up to me about herself and how she feels about herself and that, she told me i know how to treat a woman and that i am very authentic as well as she feels she can trust me. i didn't say anything because i was more at a lost for words than any thing else. she said thank you and the evening was a nice evening. I left and i said lets do something again and she agreed and i said i will let her know. so 2 days passed i phoned her to ask to go out again, got her voice mail and left a message, later that night she texted me saying that going bowling sounds great and asked what time I was thinking.

I duno where I stand with her and if she is interested because she never initiates the texting i am doing it all the initiating so i duno?


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  • Its better you judge her yourself. You know better her. She can't say you everything at first day, wait and watch.