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I'm recently single and new to the dating world. I've never really dated before I was with my husband since I was just a kid so now that I'm out there again I don't know what's going on!! LOL I did the online dating thing and met a guy on there and we've been talking (texting mostly) for months and seem to hit it off really good. we've now been sleeping together for a while now but that seems to be all it is. we text here and there and hook up almost every weekend. I want more now but I don't know if that's what he's looking for. I assume that when your hooking up with someone every weekend that there's something there or is it just that I'm giving it up for free without anything else that he likes?


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  • I would say the best next step is: Ask him what he wants out of the relationship? If he is interested in more he will say so. If not then you can move on.

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