The deceptively good first date?

Such a mindscrew, but I've done it myself. You're finally on a date with this person, they're not exactly living up to or what you wanted. You still have a great time, maybe even get physical, but you've decided pretty early on you'd rather not be here and are making the best of it...

FROM THE OTHER SIDE this sucks! You have this great date, this person seems into you, you're not even really sure why you're so into them, but you are and then it pisses you off after you send the first text afterward and they don't respond and you quickly know what's up (if you didn't already.)

Any advice on what causes this? My thoughts are... if you're on a date with someone who's mostly just making the best of it... and you can't tell... and you're actually enjoying the date... you're probably a little insecure/messed up or just really enjoy the thrill of the chase because you're enjoying being around someone who isn't even authentically into you...

For me personally, should I be more picky? in terms of... the girl has to be pretty into the date (exceptions for girls) or I'm just like... go home.

NO ONE better write "Sh*t man, it happens." haha


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  • I had the best first date with the craziest fucking bitch I've ever been in a relationship with! Found out later that she had Borderline Personality Disorder.