What should I do?

Have you ever met a guy and u click just perfectly and you know that he might be the perfect one for you?
I met someone last winter and we dated and he told me he didn't have time for anything serious. he didn't live in my town and i had to just leave it at that, but we remained as friends, but than in the summer he moved to my town and he called me up and we met one day and had a great day, but than we didn't meet after that, and again he moved away for 3 months to libanon but now he is back...

we are friends on fcb, he hasn't contacted me since September.. but we have just "liked" each others stuff on fcb if that is any communication :p
but what should i do? i like him but im afraid of being rejected.. i mean will he contact me if he wants to meet?

The reason im afraid is that i texted him after our meeting and asked him if he wanted to go for a bike ride and he said he was busy but he would let me know when he had time.. he never did
he lives 5 min away from me..


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  • i say just leave him alone his think about him self right now. its him and only him he is worrying about. if he says his not looking for someone serious then believe what he says... so dont beat your self up because this guy is busy doing his own shit and you should too be busy and go out with your girlfriends and date thats simple as that. like you can't get anything out of him so be you and be happy his just one guy that you click there's plenty out there maybe better then him