Is there any way for him to be interested again after I acted needy?

I've been dating a guy for about two months. He recently started pulling away from me by not texting as much and not asking to see me. We still saw each other but I initiated it. We had a great time together last Saturday and then Monday I told him I didn't know if I could see him anymore because I'm starting to have feelings for him and didn't think he felt the same. He seemed surprised and said he was sad and needed time to absorb it. We talked on the phone yesterday and cleared up a couple of misunderstandings but then I made the mistake of saying I'd still like to see him and asked if he has feelings for me. His answer was that he didn't know.

I'm concerned I've pushed him away by asking and acting needy. In the past I also told him I was looking to date and not for a friends with benefits which he understood as me wanting a relationship. That is when he started distancing himself. Is there anything I can do to come back from pushing him away and acting needy?


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  • If you want a relationship, but he only wants sex then there's no way you're going to change that. Move on.