Should I run away from this guy?

I like this guy for a very long time and finally i have the guts to tell him how i feel. But he just wants to be my friend. Should i continue to be his friend or i should just stop this relationship here. I am perplexed whether he is wanted to know me more or he is just trying to be polite. But deep inside i am worried if i continue this, i will keep a false hope to be able to date him. We never talk before this confession.


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  • If you never spoke before the confession there's no need to continue speaking now.
    There's no friendship to hold on to.
    Just let it go... and allow your feelings to fade as you keep your distance.

    If you see him in public, it's okay to greet him.
    Just make your conversations very short.

    • I am shy. I never be able to look at him in the eye. I run away if i see even his shadow. I know his presence. I can feel it. I can never face this man. If i see him. The feelings keep coming out. God knows how much i love this guy.

    • You cannot love someone you have no deep connections with. Love is a feeling that takes time to be built. Infatuation is often confused with love because it gives you that weak in the knees, head over heels feeling. I believe you are infatuated with this guy.
      The only way to get him out of your mind is to stop talking to him or your feelings will grow stronger.

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