Is it silly for me to want for me a girl to fall in love with each other?

I want me and someone to be mutually attracted to each other. not me be attracted to her and then have to convince her that I'm good enough. I'm good enough and I want someone who likes me just as much as I like her. Why do girls not like to show interest. I'm not picky but I'm also not desperate. I just want to meet someone that we like each other and the relationship just happens because we like to spend time with each other. Why is that so hard to find?


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  • because you are finding someone that wants you and likes you but to me let them find you... your young and to me its not so hard if you let them find you so just relax and maybe faith will find you so do you right now and have fun go out drink hang out with your friends and live life they will find you and they will like you and love you so do you first


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