Why would he tell me that?

so last night the guy i have been dating for the last month or so, all of the sudden comes out with "these are his words"... so my apartment manager text me and asked me if i wanted to hang out , i guess her boyfriend left her for some crackhead and i asked if she remembered my sisters friend that just moved here, and she said yes.. and i told her , well we've kinda been seeing each other so i dont think that would be right. an she says I dont want u to flirt with me i just want to hang out... I didn't say anything just kinda giggled... Then he just keeps going on about how his daughter and her little girl play together and how its messed up that the guy would leave her for a crackhead and how he wouldn't want to get into that mess anyway because her man that left her is a huge white dude... It made me feel like he was considering it? It made me feel really uncomfortable too. I mean im glad he told me but why go on about it?


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