Did I completely mess things up with him?

Me and this guy have been talking for almost 2 months now. We have spent every weekend together, kissed, held hands in public, yada yada yada. basically we acted like a couple but the relationship was never actually defined. I was told by multiple people that he did like me and that he thought we were a thing. Problem is he has never actually told me how he felt. This past weekend i went out of town and before i left we hangout and it was like a perfect date you would see in a move :). Then over the weekend he kinda started acting strange. (no he did not cheat on me) Monday came and he didn't really talk to me that much. Tuesday came and i find out he decided not to go to prom.. so i get to go solo yay.. Then last night we had a really awkward conversation about prom and i got kinda pissed off at him. I decided to just go ahead and ask how he felt. I said "so you've never actually told me how you feel about me" thinking i would finally understand. his response "i really love hanging out with you". WTF does that mean? the conversation ended real quick after that and today was just strange at school.

Did i completely screw things up? what should i do? i really do like him and believed he did to


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  • I think he likes you but you must act fast because it sounds like he isn't sure you like him and he won't make a move if he isn't sure.

    • its been awkward between us all day... Should i text him first tonight or just wait until he talks to me?

    • Text him first. Gotta give a little to get a little. 😉

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  • yeah he likes you. but be careful, behavior like that could mean he likes someone else too.


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  • then just tell him face to face tell him how you feel first dont let him talk you talk first and tell him how you feel and how you feel about what is bothering you and then tell him can you please tell me how you feel... because this is not going go while if you guys just talk it out and tell each other how you feel and how much he means to you but not too much how you really really like him just say you like him and you really love hanging out with him too... just be forward with him

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