What to do when your crush is a seperated, older man with a child?

Alright here's the story. I met this guy off the 'Whisper' app after posting an interesting 'Whisper'. I honestly didn't think anyone would reply and if they did, I'd figured they were just a pervert. BUT one convo caught my eye. It was completely normal. We started talking and he was a really cool guy. We ended up exchanging our kiks and talking more. I found out he was an older gentleman, separated from his wife, and has a child.
I'm a younger woman, single, with no children.
We were talking for over three months and recently I decided for us to meet. I had something to do that day and he said he would wait for me.
He waited from 2pm-5pm until I was finished.
I WAS NOT expecting that. We finally met and when we hugged I felt something weird. Like a spark. We started chatting and hanging out. He put his arm around me and held my hands, and definitely hugged me more times than I have ever by a guy. And not in a perverted way. Like in a 'I like you' kinda way.
One gesture that got me was he bought my dinner. He had said before he didn't buy anyone's dinner unless he was really interested. I told him he didn't have too but he was happy too.
We got along great the whole time. Then it was time for us to say goodbye. We ended the night with a kiss... and a makeout session. Neither of us were expecting that to happen, but it did.
Then I asked him what were we?
He said he didn't know.
I didn't either.
So I asked if people asked, should I say I'm taken?
And he said, yeah.
And I asked if he would do the same...
And he said yes.
I told him I wasn't a hit it or quit it type of deal.
And he said he knew because if that were the case he wouldn't have talked to me that long.
The next day he told me he REALLY liked me, and not just for my looks. For the whole package. Because of my past I have a hard time believing this. But what does this whole ordeal mean? Is it a blossoming relationship about to form? ADVICE GREATLY APPRECIATED


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