Girls: What would you think of a guy who you rejected and left you alone?

I'm a shy guy with social anxiety. I mustered the courage to ask my crush out. She ended up saying no. So, I want to respect her decision, and I don't want to creep her out. I left her alone completely. I don't talk to her anymore because I feel like it would be disrespectful to her or creepy. She apparently still sits behind me. What would you think of such a guy when you see him?

I'm a little worried she might I'm mad. I don't want her to think that also, but don't want to talk to her because I feel it would be creepy.


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  • I would think he was butthurt and just be like oh well

    • I don't want her to think that. I'm afraid to her would make look creepy or it would be awkward. What should I do for she doesn't think that?

    • just be nice but don't act like overly friendly or she'll think ur trying to get with her again

    • Okay thanks =)

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  • Oh oh oooh, I'm going through something similar because MY crush has left me alone, though he hasn't asked me out..

    Maybe the next time you see her, just say a simple "hi"? At least show that you're not mad, & saying hi wouldn't make you sound creepy at all! (imho) I'd probably think he'd be mad, & then I'd feel bad for rejecting him. I wouldn't do anything about it.


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  • Why do you care what she thinks? 😕