Advice about a crazy date?

I just want some advice about a date. Trying to figure out if this guy was crazy or what's wrong with him. I've been on lots of dates and finding a place usually is the least or any issues. I was supposed to meet this guy at a place. He texted me saying he can't find it. I told him where it was and where to go. He said it sent him to a place across the street. He said he was looking at an outback so I said go there. It's in that plaza. He didn't go. He just went silent

Then he said again he's lost and near a carrabbas. I said again to go to the outback. Then he said there r lots of plazas here. I said where the outbacks at? I was starting to get frustrated. Again then he went silent. Didn't call me. Restaurant is closing soon. Then he said his gps took him somewhere else. By this time I said ok this moron is fuking around or something. He's crazy. So I said ok look just forget this. This is ridiculous.

Then I said ok let's go here and if u can't find It then I gave him a restaurant name it was nearby. Then he said i
His gps took him to carrabbas. I'm like wtf? I said. I gave u another restaurant name. He gave weird excuses about his gps. He said he's using a phone. I said so is the world. Then I said I'v met stupid people who can find a place. Wth is going on here. Then I said what do u do for a living he said he drives around and finds places using his gps. Like huh. Then he said smirkingly why didn't u come get me at outback. I'm like holy fuk? I really don't think he cudnt find anything apparently he was just crazy or psycho. Wtf was wrong with this lunatic


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  • That's hilarious he sounds like a fucking idiot!


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  • He was jerking around