First date, kiss, and then nothing... why does it always happen?

I've had few similar experiences with guys. First, they seem eager to meet me, we text regularly, then we meet and have a good date, which involves kissing, but not more. The guy seems okay with that. The kisses are good and we say bye... ..
and then I don't hear much from the guy (s). Well he might not be into me, but why can't he tell me?

I was the one who texted they guy, he then came up with excuses like busy etc and I told him that I dont care and that this is an excuse. he never writes back, which is okay...

Another guy, he looked at me as if he was already in love, kissed me etc... and after that not much contact at all...

I am a very nice and socialbe girl and have a lot of male friends. i get on well with them. generally, males don't consider me a b. tch. i am a little reserved and shy and sometimes avoid eye contact when i am into someone...

Guys that i am interested, either dont write back when i write them after the first date, or they start playing games...

there is this one guy who hasn't responded to question, which I didn't expect... I enjoyed the time with him, but I might have been a little bit too reserved. I've written him though and told him that i was interested, but i haven't received a reply.

Is it good to be persistent or just to leave it and forget about it?


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  • Maybe you're chasing after the wrong guys aka bad boy douchebags.


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  • Maybe you're a bit ugly.

  • if you are interested in more, why not just tell them?

    • if i dont get a reply from him from the previous one?

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    • yes yes

    • hmm it often happens to guys too! (a girl doesn't reply) but it's kind of... normal... at least i'm 28 and have stop wondering when it happens :) But i digress. when a GUY doesn't reply.. hmm it's strange. i guess it's not good news but why not try one last time? you have nothing to loose or to be ashamed of, i'm POSITIVE it will please him. OR you can also just wait a little longer

      (please forgive my English)

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