Does not smiling put a guy off?

If a girl doesn't smile is that off putting

Like has a blank expression on her face

I usually have that, with the expection of my pf pic but yeah


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  • Smiling and positive vibes go hand-in-hand regardless of gender.
    Some guys will interpret a girl with a "meh" face as offensive while others would take it as a challenge and try even harder to get her number.

    Me personally? Smiling makes things SIGNIFICANTLY easier.
    It lets me know that she's enjoying my presence and allows me to open up more.

    If a girl can't crack a smile during a conversation that would pretty much be the last time I speak to her to be quite honest.


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  • It can definitely intimidate a dude if you make eye contact and give him a blank stare.

  • Yes it makes us assume you are not happy and that you don't want anyone to come near you.


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