Guys can you mess with a girl for ten years in not have any type of feelings?

Been messing with this guy for ten years and on new years 2014 he told me he loved me but we was both drinking and having sex at the time he stuttered and said i love you i didn't replie cause I'm thinking shit where both drunk n having sex like do he really mean it but it seemed genuine he seemed nervous and he stuttered as if he wanted to say it but than just said it. But we still are messing around he asked me to be his lady i said yes but we dont see each other all the time its every other day maybe but we text more than we talk over the phone he send me a good morning text everyday so he keep some type of contact throughout the day but now he keep askin me bout other guys i think he's becoming insecure thats not good cause im only with him but i feel sungle cause we not together all the time but soon as i say im single he gets quite or say oh u single... But lately he's been acting insecure mentioning other guys and im afraid this is going to make him feel different for me. he's also been riding by one of my ex giy friend house beeping at him i just dont understand why he's doing that but i thank thats why he's becoming insecure. But what should i do to keep us together an to make him feel secure with me jus so he knows im inlove with him and i vould careless about these other men. I just dont wanna lose him due to his insecurity i jus dont understand why he's insecure. I wore a dress to a show he made sure i left the show with him he kept textn me til we met up. Can you tel me why he becoming so insecure is he doing something or his feelings getting deeper he dont know how to control it or is it me? I love this guy tho i really do.


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  • gurl if yo ass thinks im readin all that shit youve got another thin comin god damn

    • Why even write a post im here for advice not ignorance

    • Plus if u feel u dont want to read it why post On my shit should of kept it moving someone else can read it.

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  • I love sex, I love drink, and I love, love.
    So sometimes you have to take things at face value.
    10 years is waay to long for me to wait to be loved
    Skid marks

    • We ain't wait ten years we been togeather ten years hunny

  • Let him know how loved he is and tell him honnestly that he's the man of your life. Don't let anything break u guys apart, and make sure to always communicate and tell him you're here for him, etc. Hope this helps :)

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