I have the same crush as my best friend, what should I do?

My friend (J) likes a girl. I recently have come to liking her also. I think she likes me (She draws hearts on my papers, rushes to sit next to or near me, and finds excuses to touch me) and I can't tell my friend. I know this because when my other friend (C) told J he liked her to, they fought and eventually made a pact to not get mad if one dates her, which my friend (J) has said he isn't going to follow it. I hate hiding the fact that I like her, because I don't do anything we may just be friends. My friend, has asked her out and she said no. I don't know whether or not to tell him and try to date this girl, or to just sit back and watch him try. So should I tell him, and try to date her, or just sit back?

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He (J) is also one of my closet friends.


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  • I'd tell him and try to date her IF its worth risking your friendship. (if its even that serious) because OBVIOUSLY she's not in to him and that's going nowhere. So if she's important to you, go for it!


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  • if you was my friend, I wouldn't care. One of us get her the other one she doesn't won't just move on. no big deal, there's more girls

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