Is this Skinny Love or Friends with Benefits?

There's this guy, and him and I talk over the phone a LOT, and we know a lot about each other. We've flirted a lot and I think I started developing feelings for him, and the way he talks to and treats me, I thought he has as well. We went on our first date, (which I was very blind to because he didn't put it as "wanna go on a date?") I realized it was most DEFINITELY a date when, at like... 11pm on that school night on my front doorstep, he hugged me goodbye and didn't let go for a long time. And then.. we kissed for a while. And I wouldn't normally kiss on the first date but I just rolled with it. I texted him a few nights later confiding in him my bad fear of being used. He promised me he wouldn't have hugged or kissed me if he didn't have feelings for me. But we never say I love you. We are both afraid of the word "love". But the catch is, we pretty much just treat each other like friends, especially around HIS friends. And then, at every goodbye, even if it isn't a date, we make out. Is this skinny love, or friend with benefits? I know those or just words but... I don't know. I guess I just need advice?


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  • I would call it skinny love but I would make things official if I were you because it can turn into friends with benefits

    • The hell is "skinny love". Kids these days

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    • I made it up that's why you never heard of it and oh please you're 4 years older than me, not a big difference

    • I thought it was more commonly known. It means when two people love each other and treat each other like it, but they don't admit that they love each other

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