How can I try to open him up to "long distance"?

I put long distance in quotes cause in my opinion I don't think an hour is that much of a distance for a relationship. Anyhow, I was dating this guy for just over a month and he recently ended things with me cause of the distance. If I give it some time, get in contact with him down the road do you think I'd be able to try to start things up again and maybe have him be open to trying at least? Guys, would YOU give someone a second chance on these grounds?


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  • I don't think an hour is that long at all. I've been talking to a girl and we are close, although we aren't dating yet I would like to. But I found out she plans to move to California which is on the opposite side of the country from me, and a distance like that worries me, but an hour would not be a big deal at all. I think it's something you should definitely talk to him about and maybe try to find out why he thinks it's such a long distance


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