Everyone thinks we are dating but we aren't, but how do I talk to her about this and the fact that I may be interested in a relationship like that?

Basically I've been hanging out a lot with a girl from my college and a ton of people keep asking me if we are together, but I always have to say no. I've thought about talking to her about this but can never quite work it into a conversation. I kinda want our relationship to go in that direction and be more than just friends so next time someone asks, I could finally say yes. What should I do to talk to her about it or maybe get the idea floating around in her head too? We talk all the time and spend a lot of time together, but I find it hard to talk about this with her because I get nervous about it and avoid it altogether.


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  • I'd have to know more about the situation.. have you slept with her etc etc. . The thing is college dating gets tricky sometimes. . If one of you were ever to start getting insecure of jealous it can get weird especially in a close proximity. . Eventually you may start seeing her eating in the cafe or something with new guys... just kinda be aware of that... but just kinda ask say "people think we make a good couple? Ahah what do you think of us?" Just kinda gauge her reaction and go from there.. you'll be golden.

    • Thanks for the advice, I haven't thought of saying it like that but maybe I'll give it a shot