Did she want me to ask her out?

So I work with this girl who I see almost every day. We only get to see each other for a few minutes at a time, but when we do, we're very friendly about it. I was telling her today about this other girl I've just started seeing. She seemed excited for me, wanted to see pictures of her, and asked me how we met etc. When she saw that the girl I'm with was kinda thick, she asked if I preferred bigger girls. I said I did, and she asked why I never asked her out. (She's kinda thick, too) She didn't sound too serious when she asked me, but she wasn't obviously joking, either. We get along well enough that I've thought about asking her out before, but I'm wary about getting involved with a coworker. Was this her way of telling me that she wished I had made a move with her, or was she just kidding around?


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