Do black guys like pale girls?

I know this sounds like an ignorant question. But there's this guy in my class that i recently started talking to. He's funny, smart and just a kind guy. I'm starting to develop feelings but I'm worried he won't like me back. I heard from a mutual friend that all his girlfriends have been black. So I'm worried that I may not be his type due to my race. I'm Hispanic but really pale and the palest out of all my friends and family. I get told to tan sometimes but im just not into it. Point is do you think my skin color will be a problem? Are black guys even attracted to pale girls? I know all men have different preferences but what do you think?


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  • Sure we do. Just show him that you're interested and he'll open up. With my first interracial relationship i had to work a bit harder. Actually we both did because it is still different but not bad. just show him you care and that should get the ball rolling


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