Who has it better in the dating game more and why? Men or women?

If you are going to give some bullshit politically correct answer and say both do equally , then don't answer at all . Not trying to start anything. ADVANTAGES ARE A FACT OF LIFE, So I don't think this is a bad question at all to ask and discuss.

People refuse to answer because they are so PC


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  • Who has it better in the dating game more and why? Men or women?
    In my opinion guys:
    - sex is generally orgasmic/pleasurable for them
    (orgasm gap, oral sex gap, and gals are more invested in pleasing than guys are in casual hookups... guys seemingly are only invested in pleasing after a long-term relationship)

    - sex generally comes with a lower risk of rape and STDs/STIs
    (guys are generally raped/made to penetrate guys and twice less likely to get an STD/STI)

    - they are generally praised for sleeping around
    (slut/stud double standard)

    - their dating options are generally only those they find attractive
    (guys generally approach so their options are desired while gals generally are approached so their options are mixed)

    - they are generally subjected to lower youth/age/sex standards

    - they are seemingly generally more desired for who they are rather than what they look like/how often they put out

    There are way way way way more in my opinion but these are the main focuses for me.


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  • You must have zero idea to who has it better

  • Unless you're chasing a girl that can't be 'got', I'd say guys have it made. And when I say 'got' this includes hook ups, relationship or whatever your end game is.

    Women can get sex when they want technically but finding a guy that I actually want to sleep with is far more complicated since women don't go about picking a bed mate the same way men do.

    And when it comes to getting married and settling down, for men at least, it seems to be more about when they are ready than the perfect mate. Sure men have certain preferences for attractiveness, temperament, intelligence and other things but the net seems to be much wider.

    Not all, but a lot of men seem to still just want a woman to take care of the home and be their Mommy when they are sick. That plus make more money than them. We did it to ourselves.

  • I've answered this once before.
    We girls have most of the advantages.
    We call most of the shots.
    You have to get past our barriers.
    We are the decision makers when it comes to sex.
    You are expected to jump through hoops to "convince us your worthy"
    The slightest negative vibe and we are done.

    I don't envy you guys at all.

    • So guys are the prisoners and girls are the jailers? Sounds about right.

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    • Most are raise in captivity, wild lions pretty much get to do what they want. Their animal instincts are suppressed by a trainer.

    • ***Aren't suppressed

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  • girls have an easier time getting sex but a harder time getting comitment.

    Girls have no problem convincing a guy to fuck them on the first date no strings attached but have a harder time convincing a guy to take the time to get to know her and make a commitment

    Guys have the reverse, it's hard for a guy to get a girl to have sex early on but easier to get a girl to go on dates for a month or two and "take things slow"

    this is my cynical view of relationship power dynamic...

    When it comes to any sort of trade (yes I see relationships as somewhat of a trade) the person who wants something the least has the most power/control. Generally guys want sex more than girls and have a harder time getting it so girls have the advantage here. Generally girls want commitment and marraige more so guys have the advantage there. So early stages of the relationship the girl has most of the control and the guy has to work to impress her and make her happy so he can get sex once she starts having sex with him, some of but not all of that power is relinquished. Now after the girl starts having sex with the guy, the girl wants to try to win the guy over and get him to commit and propose to her. Convince him that of all the girls he's been with that SHE is the one he's should drop down on one knee for. So the guy has a little more bargining power here since the girl GENERALLY want marraige more than the guy since the guy generally has more to lose from a divorce. I don't think a guy wants to blow 5-10k on a ring and risk half his wealth just for the fuck of it. However once you get down on one knee, she owns your ass. So choose wisely

    • Or you could... you know, not get married or waste ridiculous amounts of money on some stupid ring.

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    • @WWLifeBegin

      If you have nothing else substantial to contribute to a relationship but your vagina, then yes, withhold sex until you have trapped a guy both legally and financially.

    • I would think it is another way around, if you have more to contribute than sex, then withhold sex until marriage.

  • Men have the upper hand because women have to live a double standard.

    Guys smash gash all day and they are heros.

    Girls have sex they are a slut.

    Guys are the heros.

    • Sure okay.

    • Lol the down votes I don't know why it's true. I'm not saying it's a good thing it's just how the world works.