What the hell is he doing?

My friend and I have come to a a fork in the road. Until this point he and I have been friends with benefits.
Well I called him for a late night booty call, and he turned it down. If it hadn’t been the second time, I would have let it go, but it bothered me. So, I told him I was going to quit putting myself out there for the booty calls sessions with him because he turned it down twice.
He got home and texted me repeatedly telling me he was sorry but he had work so on so forth. (We have been friends for 6 years, not till recently did we start messing around and he doesn’t label us friends with benefits, don’t ask me why because I have no idea)
Anyways, so I said we should be friends with benefits until either of us gets into a relationship. He replies to me saying,” what if we got into a relationship?”
I said,”do you like me?”
And he replied,”Well my main thing is that I take a little more time to do things and when I’m pressured I tend to do the opposite but u seem like a good person to date realistically it’s just something that make take a little bit.”

Then the next day he asked to hang out and he came over to my house, we drank and talked for hours ! Eventually it led into having sex. That night he talked about wanting to settle down with the next woman he gets serious with (marriage) and joked around about if we worked out what type of rings do I like?
and he woke me up the next morning because my dog was curled up with him. Which was cute, I’ll admit. After cuddling, wrestling, and talking he asked me to lunch. So we went out and he joked about it being a date.
But after lunch, he had to work and we haven’t really texted since then. We saw each other briefly at the bar I worked at. My phone went off and he’s like oh is that a tinder match. I said no, he said show me and I did, it was just Pinterest. lol but, why is so hot and cold?
I’m so confused, it’s not like he has to talk about marriage and rings to get into my pants. What's up with him?

Lol, thanks for your advice.
For those who read, Is he confused about what he wants?


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  • I really can't make much sense of what you're asking us, so all I can say is - get out of a friends with benefits situation you filthy degenerate.

    • Haha thanks for the advice

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