Don't you think its funny that white women use INDIAN sex techniques even though they hate Indians (asia)?

It's so ironic that these racist bitches hate on Indians yet they are so intrigued by Indian sexual techniques such as Tantra and Kama Sutra in fact everytime you have sex you are doing it the Indian way and you also do yoga even though you white bitches hate Indians lol. We pretty much invented the way you have sex. Without us you wouldn't know how to have sex. Indians created the first set of books on how to have sex. So go ahead and hate us!!!


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  • hey man I personally have a LOT of respect for Indian culture, you guys came up with Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, chess, curry, Kuma Sutra, Sanskrit, Yoga, meditation techniques, tantric sex, bollywood, I mean Europeans originally sailed to america to find a shortcut to Your country!

    SO be happy with your Indian heritiage I salute you! Also I am very attracted to Indian women.

    be happy to b Indian

    • you being attracted to Indian women is not exactly something an Indian man should be happy about...

      wtf lol

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  • I have noticed that with all elements of Indian culture, being Indian I notice a lot of Caucasians taking a lot of things from our culture and after all that there are a handful that hate on us (I am saying a handful not everyone as there are good people and bad people in every ethnicity). I think those individuals are secretly upset that their group didn't come up with these things first.


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  • Welcome to the modern multicultural world... where everyone uses tidbits of everyone else's culture as they please. :-P

  • Its annoying when you think the typical Californian girl is a lost hippy who is really into her yoga and new age spirituality and is probably a vegeterian etc etc

    I swear some of these Californians are pretty much white skinned Indians lol...

    It is sad how they seem to have no problem adopting or hijacking the Indian way of life but when confronted with real indians they seem to hate them

    they are not the most intelligent people though... Hopefully they stop hating on real Indians soon

  • White women, man.

  • I have never heard any women say they hate Indian men. What I have heard is that they hate how perverted Indian men act on the internet. Apparently do to cultural differences, Indian men have stereotyped western women, and think western women are sluts that are okay with doing sexual things with strange men all the time. This is very offensive to most women.

    • Bwahahahaha if I had a dollar for evertyime I read this response.!
      1. I am not from India
      2. I am only Indian by race.
      3. I am not a hindu or a muslim.
      4. There are white men that don't respect women.
      5. I was born in Africa and at school I was always taught to respect women so JOKES ON YOU!!!

    • What joke?
      1. I never said you were from India.
      2. I never mentioned your race.
      3. I never mentioned your religion.
      4. I never said there weren't men of other races that didn't respect women.
      5. I never made any accusations about how you were raised or about if you personally respect women or not.

      Women get stereotyped by guys from India online, and then the women start stereotyping Indian guys. That is just the world we live in.

  • Indians also let their people starve while they pursue a space program, aid from overseas can take care of your lower classes so you don't have to. Go faaaahk yourself. lol

    • And americans let 50 million of their people starve.

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    • Im not from India dumb ass!!!

    • It's easy to make the mistake given your shit grammar and punctuation. Stop saying we and us when you're talking about Indians and people won't make the mistake and stop supporting Manchester fucking United when you, supposedly, are American. Dumb ass. lol