Do you girls talk with your friends about your EXes? Why?

do you girls talk with your friends about your EXes? Why>?

Today I've met my 2 time ex-girlfriend lol. I've unfriended her on Facebook and have been ignoring her for over 3 months. However 2 of our mutual friends been updating her on my life events lol.
P. S. - I dumped her first time and she dumped me second time lol


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  • Of course! Maybe she still secretly cares about you And she wants to keep an eye on you so she uses her friends for that! And Maybe she's worried you'll find another girl. Some girls might not want to be with their ex, but they don't want to see them with someone else. Us girls are very complicated...

  • Of course. Don't take it too personal, though. It's just something to talk about. Re-hash old drama and gossip a bit, y'know.

    • i just find it funny
      i deleted her of Facebook but she still found and texted me after meeting today

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