What happened? Can someone please explain?

I went on a date with a guy 2 days ago. It was good but chilled. He made no move but I did have to run for my bus.
He messaged me later that night to see if I had fun and I assured him I did. He sent me a message the next morning saying have a nice day :)
We text chatted a bit throughout the daky. On the date he asked me a random question I didn't know the answer to so I looked it up at work and sent him the answer. He replied with "xD haha. Too confusing" and I said "well we can discuss it the next time we go out"
He replied "okay :) when you want"
And I suggested getting lunch the next day if he had time.
And he didn't reply. This was yesterday evening.
I know he saw the message because what's app has the blue checkmarks. So what's up with this?


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  • Just give him time, he was probably busy. You've only been on one date so DON'T do what that ^ girl said, you'll seem WAY to clingy and attached too easy. If you really like him, leave him alone. If he likes you he'll text you or ask you out again. Don't be that crazy girl, lmao. And if he never texts you again, who cares? It was one date, and obviously he wasn't interested. Don't stress it. Love doesn't just happen like "BAM!"


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  • just give him a little more time first

    • Okay. Thanks. How much time? Can I message him-maybe not about lunch again but something innocuous? Or just leave it to him?

    • hmm i think there is not a bad or a good answer. Do what you like, one thing is sure, he will be very pleased if you give him more news!

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  • maybe he just got busy. give it a day or two.
    If there is no reply until then I would text something like "hmmm that lunch date with you was so much fun!!"