I feel intiminated that my boyfirend makes fun of other girls?

He makes certain comments were i feel as if he is rasist.
Him and his firends commented on This one indian girl Picture say " pretty" the recomment saying " i meant to say very pretty and no she isn't black, lmfao". And another comment were This Guy asked which nick name he should say to his gf, He commented " call her hairy" as she was idian aswell.

Im a pakistani girl and m'y bf is white, we dates for 3.5 years...


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  • I couldnt pretend to be this bad at spelling, though I've come close.


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  • This is a shame love... tell him to knock it off and that it hurts you !. I would not take that as a black woman! And often there is someone like him in one of them families. Therefore I date my own race.. its sad it needs to be like that but nothing to do about it! Just really tell him that it hurts you and ask him his real opinion about other races !

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