When I drop a girl who dropped me, why does she keep trying to talk to me?

I approached in gym class a week ago. We've been texting every day. We went on a date, went for a dance, but she pulled back when I was about to kiss her.
I didn't text her after that, but she started again, and would apologize for something I wasn't expecting e. g. "I'm sorry I didn't text you yesterday, as I was really busy".
Yesterday, she called me and said she really wanted to talk to me. She told me that she thinks I'm funny, attractive etc, but didn't want to appear snobbish the other night.. that she's just not ready for a relationship.
I told her I wasn't after a relationship. She went onto saying that kissing isn't her thing and right now, she just wants to take her time and isn't looking for a guy, but thinks I'm great to hang out with.
That to me translates to friendzoning. I told her that I find her attractive and that this isn't going to work out, and wished her best of luck.
Again, she starts texting me and claims she's wondering why guys act weird when girls say they don't want to date right now. I told her straight up again that I wanted to date her and not just be her bum chum. She's asking to meet up with me. I declined.

WTF? Why do some girls make hasty decisions to drop a guy (be it permanently or into the friendzone), but don't get the message when us guys can also drop them from our zone of interest? I seriously lose interest in girls who friendzone me and get irritated when they get back in touch with me. Why do they do it?


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  • What happened to you guys experience when the woman has little to no interest in them. You're right, you will not get anywhere with this girl except the friend zone. You did the right thing by moving on and not wasting your time with a no hope cause.

    What you are experiencing now with this woman trying to contact you after you dropped her from your interest zone, is a surge in her interest for you. The reason this surge occurs is simple. When a person is rejected, it temporarily drives their interest up for the person that pushed them away. She will keep coming at you until you cave in. Don't respond to her text or contact her in any way. You'll just be wasting your time with this one.

    • You're right bud. I'm sure I'll continue to bump into her at the gym. I plan to say nothing more than a hi, smile and look away. I'll be happy to talk to other girls, and wouldn't mind if it was in front of her.

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  • I don't know. If a guy tells me he no longer wants me. I'm out. I will not impose myself. She thinks you're playing hard to get.


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