How did her feelings change so quickly?

I was dating a girl and things were going really well. We had talked about getting into a relationship and she really liked me. we dated for a total of 3 weeks but in that time hung out a bunch. She is looking for a long term relationship and doesn't sleep around, and I got intimate with her. So she clearly liked me a lot. The second to last time we hung out, we hung out with her family for a little bit and I made some negative comments about my mom but it didn't seem like a big deal. After her family went to bed we watched a movie, but when I tried to kiss her she resisted. She didn't say anything and I didn't think anything was wrong, I just thought she was tired. We ended up talking the following few days and it didn't seem like anything was wrong. We then went on a double date with a friend of mine a couple days later, and everything went well. We continued to talk after that. She went back to school which is 2 hours away, but didn't break up with me. She told me she wants to focus on school and that we're ok for now. She ended it 3 weeks later and said she didn't like she couldn't see me and that she's really busy. We ended up talking again and had a good conversation, then I brought up me coming to see her. She said she didn't feel the same connection but that I'm a really nice guy and maybe when she's done with school we could give it another shot. Since then, I texted her a few times getting stuff of my chest and she hasn't responded to me. She blocked me on Facebook about 2 weeks after she last talked to me. I just want to know where I went wrong, perhaps she's just really stressed out? And how can I go about getting her back?


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  • Are you sure you want her back? She sounds immature to me. She doesn't know what she wants. And I think she won't give you what you want.


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