What do girls think of a guy who stutters (aka stammers )? Would you date him?

I am 15 years old. I have been stuttering for a long time. I really hate it. Sometimes i just wanna blow myself up. I am really open minded, introvert too :3, I like to read books, Sing ( i don't stutter when i sing). I am soft guy. I can type a lot but i don't like saying too much about myself when not required. I have many times ignored talking to girls because i think they will just straight up laugh at my face. When i get comfie with a person , i don't even care that i stutter and i just blurt what i want but that doesn't happen often. alright i'll stop.

I did try speech therapy when i was in 5th grade but then somehow i left it. I was cured a little.


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  • Yes you are datable ( not by me because you're too young lol ) but if a girl judges you based on your stammering alone she's probably not the right kind of girl you'd want. If a girl laughs in your face when you approach her walk away and be thankful because why would you want to date someone who is cruel like that and has no empathy? You are not defined by your stammering so keep your chin up and never feel you are less of a person because of it.


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  • Would date you. Who cares if you stutter.

    Though if you personally hate it then you can learn to stop stuttering


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  • Speech therapy. it will make you better. When you already know your problem, cure it. It will improve your chances of success.

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