We're going fast emotionally and physically, im super lost, help? any opinions?

I met this guy last Saturday and we saw each other Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and yesterday and we've been texting everyday. Emotionally he goes fast, like he expresses a lot his feelings, he says he's crazy about me, he said also "imagine when i ask u to be my gf", when i asked "would u live here forever?" he answered "If i marry u yeah". BUT, he asked me to come over so he can cook for me, i felt comfortable going bc he's very sweet and doesn't go fast physically. On Saturday when went to the movies, i got back home, and later we went out and have a few drinks, (btw he met me drunk), and i got drunk, i get drunk fast and easily. I felt week , so he made me a sandwich at his home and we made out and he almost touched my bra, i stopped him and he apologized. Yesterday he made dinner for me, and we made out a lot, and he only touch my butt and i felt like it went a little further, u know where and he apologized. He's so fucking romantic that i can't really control myself and put limits, i never go this fast. And im 19, i live with my parents, he lives alone he's not from here, and i had to lie to my parents that i went to his house. And i told him i had or they would think we were doing it, and he asked if i was a virgin, i told him i wasn't. But the truth is that the only time i did i was super drunk i can't even remember well, i had a trauma and it happened a month ago. And he knows i had a bf and it lasted 2 months, So he'll probably think that i won't wait longer than that. But I don't know if ill be ready yet. And plus the fact we're going this fast emotionally and physically is scaring me now and im pulling away. Help? Any opinions?

we're moving¨*
what i mean by pulling away is that i used to die to see him and now i dont i dont really want to or text him back
he's so romantic and all but i dont know him well what if i fell for some liar who just wants to fuck me


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  • If its going too fast for your comfort then slow it down


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  • Go with your intuition. A guy will do almost anything, including manipulation, to get where he wants to get. Not saying it's not real and he doesn't really feel this way. Buy just go with how you feel inside. 99% right all the time


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  • tell him you enjoy spending time with him but he is going to fast for you just say it kindly and sweetly take him on a date and tell him. good luck!

    • the thing is that we're both going to fast, i also, i mean emotionally he started going too fast, and said things to me that made me let him go a little faster physically and made me be expressive and im never that expressive, romantic

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    • yes i mean im too young now but i would

    • so ask him "will you wait for me" until your old enough and ready