Help please! What should I say to her?

For the past 2 years I've had a crush on my friend's brother, however I lived on another continent and just moved to same city as them 6 months ago. I want to tell my friend I have feelings for her bro but I am scared to tell her it's been so long, she will be angry I didn't say it before. I didn't do it because I was waiting for the right time which never seems to come... plus I don't know if her bro likes me although I think he does but is shy... Help me, what should I do? I cry almost every day as I try to figure this out:(


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  • You should tell her that you have developed feelings for her brother and don't know what to do about them. You didn't say anything because you didn't want her to get angry and you still don't know if her brother feels the same way.

    As long as your explain things fully and slowly without getting angry then It should go smoothely. You never know, she might even help the two of you get together

    • I understand, thanks. I want to write her a letter and give to her to read alone, because it may be a shock to her. However, I am scared to say it's been so long when I first got feelings, my cousins are saying she will probably be angry I didn't say it before...

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    • No... you've misunderstood.
      Just don't tell her how long you've had the feelings for.
      Only tell her if she asks, and if shoes does ask then tell the truth

    • Oh I see, she will definitely ask I know that.. and she'll say why I didn't say it earlier... which is why I am afraid she will be angry, but I'll explain the truth slowly... Thank you

  • Come right out and tell her. For her to get angry over that is unreasonable.


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