Mixed signals and intent?

I met a guy through Tind er in December and we seemed to hit it off well from the get go. We met up a few times before he went on vacation and through that period he was in touch with me. He got back after a month and we have been meeting up once or twice a week doing things one on one. But he hasn't made a move yet and we chat everyday and continue to text everyday. He met my mum and my close friends and has been coming out with us and they seem to like him too. We went out to a resort together this weekend yo meet up with my friends and I thought we would be able to connect while staying out but I ended up getting a bit drunk and falling asleep. We slept on the couch and left early the next morning when I dropped him of he invited me to his place for tea. I was exhausted and he said I have a double bed and I would have asked you to sleep here but one part of my bed has caved in sorry. I said that wouldn't be the best option now so I left. He's away for work this week and I said shame I won't see him for a bit and he said we will be in touch and he's back very soon. He has been texting me since he left asling what I would like as a gift from his travels. he is a divorced after a brief marriage and I think he is very emotionally guarded. How do I know if this is going anywhere or to just be friends?


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  • Sounds like this is definitely going somewhere. He is texting you back, and you have communicate everyday, that shows that he is interested. He bad experiences in the past and he might be guarded, but if he has met your family already and introduced you to his friends, its pretty clear that he wants you around. Dont be afraid of initiating the physical contact and sex (if you want that of course) yourself. Good Luck

    Ps. you are from england i imagine? lol

    • Thank you for that :) I'm actually a citizen of the world Canadian living in the middle east but was educated in London lol.

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  • It's hard to say. If he's recently divorced it makes sense for him to be more careful and guarded. But maybe he sees you both ways - as a friend and potential partner? The two things are not mutually exclusive as some think :)

    Why not try to make the first move yourself?

    • Perhaps your right :) I'm just petrified of making the first move lol.

  • He's taking it slow. Let him. He's been through a tough time and is just feeling things out right now.

    • Thank you for your insight he identifies himself as an introvert however, he has made the effort to be social for me so I appreciate it. Not used to someone taking it so slow.

  • I think he does see you as a potential lover, but he might be nervous of losing you if you say no to a date. If you like him, ask him out. It will make all the difference.

    Flirt with him more often. A guy gets nervous in case the girl backs off since the guy didn't ask her out directly immediately (again since the girl was so hot he got nervous!)

    If you show him interest he will be happy and respond. Guys can't read girl's subtle clues, sorry!

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