What are some good first date ideas?

What are some good first date ideas? . .


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  • Try the Park and avoid the "movies"


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  • Keep it simple, fun, not too long, something that asks as little investment on your part as possible, ideally something you'd like to do even if the girl wasn't there.
    Me I like discovering new places, so usually if there's a cool bar that I'd like to try anyway, then I'd take the girl there. You can keep it short like 1 hour then leave on a high note.

    The idea is that it's a first date, you don't know each other, but more importantly, YOU don't know her, so you'd have no reason to take a big chunk of time in your schedule for a stranger. You're not easily impressed. You find physical attraction relatively common, so your judgement is not easily clouded by it. Then IF after the first date you see some common interests, you can go for a longer second date. Good luck man

    • Keep it cheap also. If you don't spend too long in the first date, you can sometimes go to really interesting bars and only have one drink. That way, the fact that you only have one compensate for the higher prices you find sometimes in some trendy bars.

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