Bad days or thinking too much?

Two months ago I met a great guy. Things are going great, I have met some of his friends and everyone knows about me, his mom and dad know about me, he calls me his girlfriend, texts me all day every day, thoughtful and caring. Things are going well.

He was away on a trip, I picked him up at airport, things seemed to pick back up. He texted me constantly while away, it was a business trip. Since he came back less than a week ago he has been tired, yawning falling asleep during a movie kind of tired. He actually told me he was too tired for sex yesterday. Yesterday was the first "off" day we have had, it was just awkward. He texted me an apology, I agreed I was in a bad mood as well. Then I texted him this AM and he was upset about something else going on today and was sort of abrupt, though he ended the reply with X's and O's as usual. A few hours later he apologized for the abruptness of the text this AM.

I know he isn't cheating, that's not even a consideration. I know he is stressing about some job issues and I can see he is still exhausted from the trip. Doesn't stop my mind from imagining he is bored with me, though.

Can you really be too tired for sex? Never had this happen before, but he said he wanted to be honest about it.

Talk me off the ledge... Bad couple of days or bored? I like the guy, but it's only been a couple of months so if he is backing away I can still deal with it. It has been an odd couple of days. I will give him space to reset his brain; does that sound like the best plan?

Despite the awkward days he is still making plans for things we were supposed to do over the next few months and he wants to do something fun for our two month "anniversary. ". I am usually a master of reading " signals" but I am clueless here.


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  • You have a new relationship. Some guys are disturbingly self-sufficient. He hasn't yet learned how refreshing and renewing it can be to rely on you a little. Time to teach him.

    "Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction"
    ― William James

    • Thank you for answering.

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  • We all get a little tired sometimes.

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