Is it possible for a guy to change for a girl?

Is it possible for a guy to change over the course of dating? Basically the guy im going out with when we first started going out he said he didn't do pda (meaning hand holding was kind of pushing it), was self conscious when it came to actually having sex to the point where he will get really quiet and start to regret it, and doesn't really like textng. But over the course of the past few weeks he hasn't shown any signnof self consciousness with sex instead he seems happier and well tired of course. And when it comes to pda he initiates holding hands. Last night he didn't even say anything when i was on his left side (hes ocd about which side of him people are on) while we were holding hands. Granted i was really sleepy and we were walking around the beach. But he even went as far as putting hus arm around my shoulders with other people walking by us. The thing is the things he doesn't like I like. And I told him this a few times. Is he actually changing cause of me or was it possible he just said that stuff to me cause we still didn't really know each other?


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  • Yes. Wow. /

    • Sarcasm?

    • No. Fucking everything is too short.

    • Oh. Yea can't give short answers.

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  • Yes of course. It seems in your case he's built confidence being with you and is happy to have you. He's definitely showing appreciation


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  • yes than again no

    • So probably a bit of both?

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