Girl didn't reply to my text after complementing her pic?

We've only just basically started texting 2 days now, but have been sending messages for just under a week. Im not the type to keep chasing and making myself look like a fool but don't you usually say a thanks or something lol? She has seemed interested, all the basic curiosity questions and getting to know each other. Was it just a dead end convo comment? Ideas?


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  • Was it like a pic you saw on social media? And then you texted her you liked it? Becasue that can come off as creepy

    • No it was through Whatsapp, and just said I liked her selfie pic...

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    • Don't play games, it's just going to be frustrating for both people. Just put your feelings out there

    • I wish it were that easy... I've had my fair share of mind games from girls

  • thats weird


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