Blind dating/dates?

What are thoughts on blind dates?
Have you been on one, would you go on one?
How did it go please comment

  • Yes been on one this is how in went
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  • Yes I would go on one
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  • No not my thing
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I'm not sure if i could go on one but maybe it could be fun


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  • Only one time was I on a blind date and I will never do it again.

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    • girlfriend, which was alright by me since I had no romantic feelings for him. Over time he would only text me whenever he felt like it and did not respond to me whenever I wanted to talk. Was very frustrating and so I just deleted his number and any form of contact with him after I found out that the reason he talked to me again was because his girlfriend broke up with him (essentially he was treating me like a piece of property).
      A year after I had gotten rid of him, I started to date my first and current boyfriend (who treats me like a queen after I taught him how I should be treated) and felt everything was in place with my life. I got a message from the other individual expressing how much our friendship meant to him; meanwhile, we only hanged out three times and the rest of the time was really not that great. I told him politely to leave me alone, his response that I should treat him with respect. So at that point I told him off and how I felt during that whole entire time and

    • I have not heard from him since.
      I shall never go on a blind date again or have any of my future children go on one. But one bad experience should not determine it for everyone, just for me it did.

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  • interesting. I've never been on one.. I'd try it once out of curiousity though.


What Guys Said 2

  • basically meeting with a prostitute for the first time might be consindered a kind of blind date as well... no?

  • Never been in one, but I would try just to see how it goes.

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