How do YOU clean up before a date?

When you are planning to go out with someone you are dating, what do you do to get ready? What are your predate rituals? How long does this take you?


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  • Well obviously it will most likely take girls longer than guys. Guys don't have much to do to look good ;)

    Do you mean what do you do to get ready or just little things you do to prepare yourself?

    Because if you're talking about getting ready, I guess it would depend on the date. If it was just us hanging out, I probably wouldn't take too long. But if it was more of a romantic cliche date, my routine would probably be: shower, dry hair, flat iron hair, do makeup/perfume, get dressed. About an hour and a half if I'm trying to look really cute. Is that bad? Lol

    • Same here. Sometimes I'll take longer. 2hrs. 2 1/2 depending on how much I like the guy lol

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