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So my spring break is this week and so is my gf's. we go to different colleges that are about three hours apart. We try and see each other as much we can. Normally its like 2-3 times month we both wish it was more then that but we make due and I think our relationship is much stronger because we have to communicate to each other our feelings threw text, phone calls, Skype. But I was excited that we have the same spring break, and we could hang out because we are from the same home town. But then she didn't really tell me that she was going to a tournament over spring break it was just like oh yeah i can't wait to go to this. When I left from visiting her on Sunday she told me don't get mad at her if she doesn't text that often or respond that often or right away. Its not that she doesn't love me its because she will be drunk or playing in the tournament or partying with her friends. Like how do I respond to that? I understand but at the same time at least try and make some time I did when I was on vacation out of the country soooo.


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  • Why didn't she ask you to come with her if she's going to party after the tournaments?

    • I don't know. I told her I was sad that we aren't going to see each other over break and she said me too. Like you could ask if I wanted to go or come down for a few days like really?

    • Yeah it just seems a little strange to me. You should tell her how you feel, or you could always show up and surprise her. Fair warning though, the surprise thing sometimes goes badly.

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