I like a guy. Not anything new but hear me out. I'm hopeless. What should I do?

This guy sits behind me in orchestra. He teases me every once In a while and I think I've started to like him. I like him but all these girls always talk and flirt with him. How can I flirt but not join the giggly circle of girls who like him? Smile? I don't know how to flirt


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  • I'll try to be as helpfull as I can :) First thing first, if you don't want to join the giggling pack then don't circle around him, in all honest I find this kind of girls stupid. Second, just a smile is more than enough you should go for the cheerful kind though not the I'm drooling over you. Third but still as important when he teases you don't be afraid to tease him back. Guys like that though try not to be mean.. nobody likes that ;) And the "big" step... just kidding, when you see him or pass by just say "hi" with a smile :) I hope it will work out for you :D

    • So be cheerful funny and friendly?

    • Yeap! Pretty much! I hope it will do the trick though try not to overdo it with the funny thing don't make him think you are stupid!!

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  • Why flirt? Ask him out and cut through the BS

  • What instrument do you guys play? If you are in the same section, maybe discuss the music and help each other with notes, but throw in some flirting!


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