Does he like me?

Basically met him a few months ago in a couple of my college classes. I'm not going to write a whole novel but I'll write down key points I've observed!
-smiles at me a lot (perhaps because I share 2 to 3 classes with him?)
-when we talk we looks deep into my eyes (keep in mind he is a southern guy so he's prob just being friendly?)
-opens the door for me (southern guy thing probably)
-teases me when him and I are with a group of people (it's usually a study group with 2 other mutual guy friends and I'm the only girl). But doesn't tease me when we talk one on one.
-Only texts me about hwk stuff. But I do the same as well. As a matter a fact, there are only a couple of texts between us. He did say "aww" once in a text after I mentioned how I failed a test and then he included smiley faces in about 2 of his texts. (I'm thinking he doesn't want to really text too much because then there isn't much to talk about when we are together in person).
-Once we were leaving the library and he randomly mentioned how he saw and a girl and a guy on top of each other in a study room. (haha weird but I just kinda laughed at it and changed the subject).
-One last thing... he mentioned something about going to eat with a girl. specifically he stated "I'm going to leave at 7:00 because I'm eating with a girl". This was stated with me and two other boys being present during our study group. I just found it to be an odd statement because no extra info was given. Like he didn't even mention the girl's name or anything. Did he say that to make me feel jealous? I mean I would have said something like " I'm going to leave at 7:00 because I'm eating with a friend" what does stating the gender have any type of relevance right?


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  • Yes, of course, etc.

    • 0_o such an open ended answer haha

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